Press Release

iStumbler Announces Release 100 of Leading Wireless Discovery Tool

San Francisco, Calif. - 26 June 2014 – iStumbler today announced the
availability of Release 100 of the leading Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bonjour
and Location discovery tool for Mac OS X Mavericks. iStumbler is an
essential tool for every Mac user who relies on wireless connectivity
and devices. For technically inclined users and wireless engineers it
offers a wide range of highly valuable information to manage and 
optimize network deployment.

“With Release 100 we have moved the tool to a commercially available
software product, which will allow us to continue to produce a reliable
and easy to use app. I really wanted to retain the simplicity which has
always been the hallmark of iStumbler; few preferences, no configuration
or setup before it’s useful, while also bringing a level of radio
frequency and protocol detail that’s typically only seen in expensive
professional products,” said Alf Watt, author of iStumbler.

The newest release includes over 100 new features and bug fixes along with
and updated interface that is easier to read for the casual user but also
contains highly detailed information for professional users presented with
carefully constructed charts, tables and detail views.

iStumbler Release 100 is available today at
Priced at US $20 for all the computers that you own. Previous donors and
subscribers are entitled to a free license, see the store page for details.

About iStumbler

iStumbler has been developed by Alf Watt since 2002, with the vision of providing
best in class networking tools for Apple Devices.

Media Contact

Alf Watt

All trade marks are property of their respective owners.

Release Notes

iStumbler Release 100 is now $20 for all the computers that you own. 
Download iStumbler and try it out for free, then purchase a license 
within the app via PayPal or Coinbase. 

Improvements Everywhere

- New graphs throughout the app with finer detail and accurate scaling
- Timescale slider filters from the most recent events to everything
- Redrawn icons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bonjour and Location items
- Unit and data formatters for the best looking table views in the business
- Detailed inspector views showing all sample measurements and info
- Redesigned toolbars with a clean look and lots of new features

Wi-Fi Plugin

- Shows more RF details: Signal & Noise in dBm, Signal to Noise Ratio, etc
- Updated Location integration and tracking of Radios and Samples
- Even more info: 802.11 protocol, frequency, band and width of channels

Location Plugin

- Completely redesigned Location plugin is the best war-driving tool around
- Export KML files and view your travels and Wi-Fi APs in Google Earth
- Location based tools including Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Geohash

Bluetooth Plugin

- Add, Pair, Browse, and Send buttons to help manage Bluetooth devices
- Signal and S/N ratio above the noise floor
- Bluetooth Service info for associated devices

Bonjour Plugin

- Improved inspector panel and more reliable service browsing

iStumbler 100 (1.8M) for Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks)

iStumbler Requires Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.
Wi-Fi and Location Plugins Requires a Wi-Fi Enabled Mac
Bluetooth Plugin Requires a Bluetooth Enabled Mac